Admissions Committee members

Responsible for the review of all applications submitted for the QEP and EPI examination process, this committee upholds the standards for application review as outlined in IPEP’s Admissions Committee Policies & Procedures for Application Review manual.

Awards Committee members

Responsible for the review of all applications submitted for the IPEP Annual Awards, this committee upholds the standards of excellence as outlined in IPEP’s manual.

Environmental Professional In-Training (EPI) Committee members

This committee oversees the development and implementation of, and the policies and procedures regarding, the EPI program and its mentoring component.

Ethics Committee members

IPEP’s Board has charged this committee to develop ways in which ethics can be emphasized and incorporated throughout IPEP’s application, examination, and recertification procedures.

Examination Administration/Advisory Committee members

This committee oversees the administration of both the oral and written exams and ensures that all relevant security and testing procedures are maintained according to IPEP’s Policies & Procedures for Examination Administration Review Committee manual. This committee reviews grievances related to exam results.

Initially, the Advisory portion of this committee was responsible for developing a knowledge base that defined an environmental professional. Based on the criteria developed, it worked with a professional testing company and a network of other professionals to construct test items for the current written exam instrument. It now is charged with overseeing the ongoing maintenance requirements of the written exam.

Finance Committee members

The finances of the Institute are placed under the supervision of this committee, chaired by the Board Treasurer. The committee shall report to the Board on the financial affairs and status of the Institute at all regularly scheduled meetings, including the submission of appropriate financial statements. The Treasurer also ensures that the annual fiscal statements of the Institute are independently reviewed and that a report is submitted to the Board and to the Institute’s membership.

Marketing Committee members

Charged with promoting the QEP as the premier environmental credential, this committee is responsible for the advertising, marketing, and promotional efforts of the Institute and the QEP and EPI credentials.This committee is also responsible for the growth and development of the QEP and EPI certifications internatinally.

Recertification Committee members

This committee oversees the implementation of the recertification guidelines and is charged with reviewing recertification applications and recommending policy and procedural changes to the Board of Trustees.