Annual IPEP Awards

Developed in 2006,  IPEP annual awards recognize members who are involved with exceptional contributions to the environmental profession or to society at large.

Nominations are accepted through March 1 of each year.  Awards are given at the members meeting in June of each year.  Information about nominations can be found in the sidebar.

Award Categories include:

1. Professional standards and ethics
2. Professional development and mentoring
3. International collaboration and cooperation
4. An interdisciplinary management approach
5. A multi-media technological solution
6. Lifetime achievement in environmental practice

One award in each category will be given each year.  A committee of QEP volunteers (appointed by the Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees) will determine the winner of each category.



Jay Nagendran- Proffesional Standards & Ethics
-Natural Resources Conservation Board, Edmonton, AB
Ujwal Ritwik- International Collaboration & Cooperation
-Kuwait National Petroleum Co., Shuaiba, Kuwait
Wayne Davis- Lifetime Achievement in Environmental Practice
-University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN


Robert McDonald- Professional Development & Mentoring
-McDonald Management Solutions, Fort Collins, CO
Richard Crume- Multimedia Technology
-U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Research Park, NC
Tim Madhanagopal- Lifetime Achievement
-Orange County Utilities Department, Oviedo, FL


Paresh Thanawala- Interdisciplinary Management Approach
-City of Regina, Regina, SK
Anne Kochaon- International Collaboration and Cooperation
Jerry Murphy- General Category & Service to IPEP
Jim Donnelly- Professional Standards & Ethics
-J.R. Donnelly Consulting, Danville, CA
Paul King- Lifetime Achievement in Environmental Practice
-Pennsylvania Environmental Council, Philadelphia, PA
Dennis Mitchell- Professional Development and Mentoring
-Laurel Hill, FL


Ujwal Ritwik- Professional Development & Mentoring
-Kuwait National Petroleum Co., Shuaiba, Kuwait
RKM Jayanty- Lifetime Achievement in Environmental Practice
-Research Triangle Institute, Research Triangle Park, NC
Fred Dowling- General Category & Service to IPEP
-Emission Testing Services, Inc., Baton Rouge, LA
John Woodyard- General Category and & Service to IPEP
-Weston Solutions, Inc., Vernon Hills, IL