ICAC Supports EPA’s Grant of Partial Reconsideration of “MATS” Rule

ICAC Supports EPA’s Grant of Partial Reconsideration of New Unit Emission Limits in Final Mercury and Air Toxics Standards ("MATS”) Rule

ICAC welcomed the decision by EPA announced on July 20, 2012 granting partial reconsideration of the new unit emission limits finalized by EPA on February 16, 2012. In its April 16 letter to EPA, ICAC targeted the final mercury standard for new units (utilizing virgin coal that is not low rank coal) of 2.0E-4 lb/GWh, and the inability of emission monitoring equipment to continuously monitor extremely low concentrations of Hg in flue gas under a wide range of operating conditions. Our member companies cannot ensure that the final new source Hg standard can be achieved in practice.

ICAC looks forward to working with EPA to establish an emission limitation for mercury for coal-fired units in this particular subcategory that can be reasonably implemented.

To see ICAC’s letter to EPA requesting partial reconsideration of the final MATS rule and find more information about the press release, please visit this website:


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