IPEP Foundation

Fellow QEPs and EPIs,

As you know, IPEP has recognized for some time that some environmental professionals around the globe, including recent graduates who are just embarking on their environmental careers, may have trouble paying the necessary fees to apply for and take the EPI and/or QEP exams or to prepare to take those exams.  In recognition that addressing these needs is not something that was appropriate for IPEP to do, John Woodyard resigned as chair of the IPEP Board and began to put together a Not- For-Profit Foundation which could raise and distribute funds to support these environmental professionals.  The IPEP Foundation is up and running and is now soliciting donations.   I urge you to read the attached  Letter from the Foundation and, if you are able to do so, to make a donation.

Libby Ford, QEP
President, IPEP Board of Trustees

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