About Us

The Institute of Professional Environmental Practice (IPEP) is the independent, not-for-profit certifying organization for the Qualified Environmental Professional (QEP) and the Environmental Professional In-Training (EPI) certifications.  Our mission is to provide a meaningful certification that encourages environmental professionalism by asking certificate holders to live by  a code of ethics, maintain a high quality of practice, continue to develop their career and give back to the community.  IPEP strives to improve the practice and educational standards of environmental professionals around the globe through administration of these multi-disciplinary certification programs.

Why Certification through IPEP?

IPEP is actively supported by six premier environmental organizations that recognize that a meaningful certification program is absolutely necessary for today’s environmental professional.  They encourage their members to obtain a QEP certification.  Over 1,000 professionals in the environmental sciences have joined the growing ranks of IPEP.

The QEP and EPI are fully-accredited certifications.  IPEP’s certification of these credentials are independently overseen by the CESB.  CESB specializes in ensuring that credentialing organizations, such as IPEP, offer certifications that demonstrate certificate holders are individuals, who demonstrate a specified level of knowledge and competence in environmental issues, are continuously improving their standards, and give back to the community by being actively involved in their profession and community.

On a personal level, the QEP certification confirms that you have demonstrated a broad understanding of the environment and environmental issues through a rigorous application and examination process.  The depth and breadth of knowledge confirmed by the distinction of earning a QEP certification signals a strong commitment to excellence in applied environmental science and adherence to a strict code of ethics.

A QEP can increase your marketability.  Attainment of QEP certification speaks loudly and clearly of your professional accomplishments, professional ethics and your commitment to professional excellence.  It says that you are an environmental professional who knows your real worth and is making significant contributions to your chosen profession and community.


The Qualified Environmental Professional (QEP) certification program evolved out of an interest among Air & Waste Management Association membership in a broad-based credential.  A&WMA created a Certification Steering Committee in 1990 to research existing certifications and formulate a report on its findings and recommendations.  A survey was conducted in the spring of 1992 among both A&WMA and non-A&WMA members which indicated overwhelming support among environmental professionals for a broad based, over-arching environmental credential.  Following approval by the A&WMA Board of Directors, the Steering Committee incorporated to become the Institute of Professional Environmental Practice (IPEP), an independent, not-for-profit 501(c)(6), in March of 1993.  The Steering Committee members became the initial Board of Trustees, and following discussions with several leading environmental organizations, representatives from those organizations also joined IPEP.