CESB Accreditation

The Council of Engineering and Scientific Specialty Boards (CESB), an independent, third party accreditation body, has granted full accreditation to the QEP.

U.S. Air Force

The Department of the Air Force issued a letter in early 1997 notifying IPEP that the Air Force Civil Engineer Career Program recognizes the QEP certification. The Civil Engineer Career Guide was revised to reflect the QEP and list contacts for those interested. The United States Air Force has recognized the QEP as a ‘Group A’ certification in its highest Professional Development Pillar of the Civil Engineer Career Field Professional Credentials Program, indicating that it satisfies 100% of the Air Force’s Professional Registration/Certification requirements for that program.

New York Department of Environmental Conservation

In May of 2010, the New York Department of Environmental Conservation released its “Technical Guidance on Site Investigation and Remediation (NYSDEC DER 10), which includes IPEP as a recognized accrediting agency. The QEP is now listed among certifications that are accepted by the DEC as proof that an individual is a “qualified environmental professional.”

New Jersey Licensed Site Professional

In 2009, New Jersey State Senate bill S-1897 included IPEP’s QEP as one of the certifications accepted to meet the qualifications for licensing as a site remediation professional in the state.

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

IPEP was notified in October 1997 that the EPA officially considers the QEP to be “a desirable qualification that can assist applicants in their ability to successfully compete for positions and promotions at EPA.” They have made information on the QEP available to employees through the EPA Learning Institute, and will exhibit information about the QEP in their development resource center.

In March, 1998, the EPA’s Office of Acquisition Management (OAM) reviewed the QEP and “indicated that the QEP certification serves to distinguish a highly competent and accomplished individual in the environmental field. Therefore, to the extent that a program office recommends inclusion of a QEP certification for individual solicitation action, OAM contracting personnel will include the requirement in the evaluation criteria.