How to Apply

A complete information/application packet can be obtained from IPEP or by visiting the applications page. An individual will need to complete and submit an application to IPEP for admission into either the QEP or the EPI certification examination process. The application requires that three references be submitted. Please read instructions carefully for all sections, and type or print legibly. You may attach a curriculum vitae or resume to your application to further support professional/community accomplishments and contributions, but all parts of the application must be completed in full.

Once IPEP has received your completed application, application fee payment, educational transcripts/copy of your your diploma, and all three references, your application will be forwarded to the Admissions Committee of IPEP for review. That committee will make a recommendation, based on the information you furnish, as to whether you meet the minimum qualifications to be admitted to either the QEP or the EPI examination process. From the date that your application is found to be complete, it generally takes four to six weeks for the Admissions Committee to complete the review.

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