EPI Certification

Individuals can submit their application to take the general EPI exam no sooner than the last semester/quarter of their junior year of a baccalaureate program. A completed application must be submitted to IPEP with payment of the $75 ($50 for currently enrolled students) application processing fee.

Applicants approved to be admitted into the EPI exam process will take Part I of IPEP’s standard QEP certification exam, which is the General Environmental Science written exam.  There is a $60 examination fee for applicants.  Approved candidates have 12 months from notification of approval to take the exam.
Find more information about the written exam here.

EPIs may apply for full QEP certification status when they have obtained five full years of environmental work experience acceptable to IPEP. At that time, an EPI must submit a QEP application and an examination fee of US$150.00 in order to apply to take Part II of the QEP exam, which is the specific practice area section. If the work experience as submitted on the application is not acceptable to IPEP, the examination fee will be returned with a letter explaining the deficiency.

If an EPI fails to obtain a passing score on her/his first attempt at Part II of the QEP examination, the exam can be taken once more, provided that it can be completed within the seven-year period in which the EPI certificate is valid. If the retest cannot be retaken within that valid period, or if taken and failed a second time, the candidate will be informed via formal letter that her/his EPI status has been terminated and that if she/he wishes to continue to pursue the QEP certification, she/he must complete the full QEP application and testing process again.

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