The purpose of the recertification program is to ensure continuing development and enhancement of the Qualified Environmental Professional’s (QEP) skills throughout his or her active career. Recertification is the QEP’s continuing pledge to protect the delicate balance between environmental stewardship and efficient use of our limited natural and financial resources.

QEP recertification is evidence of a process of continuing professional development and contributions and service to the profession and community that can include some or all of the following:

  • Reaffirmation of commitment to the QEP Code of Conduct
  • Ongoing Professional service in the environmental profession
  • Membership and active participation in approved professional societies or organizations
  • Publication in recognized journals
  • Documented participation in:
    • Technical meetings
    • Professional seminars and/or short courses
    • Teaching of recognized academic courses at the secondary, college, or University level as an adjunct to the QEP’s professional service
    • The EPI program as a mentor
    • Working committees of environmentally –related professional societies or organizations
    • Certification in other areas related to the environmental field (see Recertification Guidelines)

All QEPs must apply for recertification every five years. QEPs have three months after their recertification date to submit the completed application and accompanying documentation. The following statement will be part of the IPEP Recertification Application and must be signed, dated and submitted with the appropriate recertification fees:

“I certify that I have been actively engaged in the environmental and/or related science for at least three of the last five years and I affirm that I have abided by and will continue to abide by the ethical principles set forth in Article II of the IPEP Bylaws, i.e., I will:

  • Practice my profession only to the extent of my personal expertise;
  • Maintain my personal proficiency through continuing education and professional development;
  • Comply with applicable statutes, regulations, and standards;
  • Strive to protect and enhance human health and the environment;
  • Contribute to the development of other professionals; and
  • Conduct my professional affairs in a manner that reflects the highest moral character.”

Recertification is based upon a “Continued Professional Development Qualification” rating system of professional development hours (PDH) of credit granted for the activities listed in the Recertification Guidelines

Recertification Guidelines.

Please note that Recertification Applications are processed once a month and it may take 4-6 weeks to receive confirmation of approval.

Recertification Packet

Documenting QEP Recertification Activities

A percentage audit is performed among those recertifying each year.  A random selection is run by a member of the Recertification Committee who knows only the total number recertifying and the percentage to be audited, not the names of the individuals.  IPEP matches the numbers selected to an alphabetic listing of those recertifying.

An audited QEP need not try to list all activities within the five year recertification period.  The goal should be to list and document a minimum of 50 PDH credits.  Remember that 5 PDHs can be claimed for 5 years of QEP certification itself in Part IIa.

Documentation of points claimed can be in many forms.  Some examples are:

  • Receipts, canceled checks, or payment statements for meeting and course registrations.
  • The name badge from a meeting.
  • A photocopy of a list of speakers or an organization’s membership directory which includes the recertifying QEP’s name (be sure to also copy the cover or appropriate page showing the name and date of the event or the organization and the year represented).
  • Pages from the annual QEP Roster indicating service on an IPEP committee or as a Regional Coordinator.
  • A thank-you letter from an organization for services rendered.

If there is absolutely no documentation, the organization with which the QEP participated should be able to issue a statement verifying the activities or membership.  IPEP can assist in documenting activities related to the certification, not only of committee involvement but of exam participation.  Verification of participation as a proctor or on an exam panel can usually be issued if the QEP can give the name(s) of the examinees or the approximate date of the exams.

Audited individuals have an extra sixty days beyond their 5-year certification anniversary dates to submit their application and documentation.